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He is @stevengerrard. He is 34 years old. One of most loyal football player now days. I’ve learned about loyalty from him. From Liverpool.

This season it’s hard for him (also for the club) everyone blaming him for how bad the team’s performance. Everyone want him to be bench. And he try to proving that’s wrong. That LFC still needs him to leading all LFC’s player on the field.

I can say i feel so disapointed for some LFC’s supporter that wanted him and Brendan Rodgers to be bench or out. Are you guys nuts!?

We are not kind of club like that. We are not Chelsea (sorry for CFC’s fans) that bounce their manager everytime the result it’s not like they wanted.
We are not as rich as Manchester City or Manchester United.

But, we only have one @stevengerrard who always play in Liverpool way. Who always give the best for the club. Who always take a look to the sky, and give his goal for John Paul.
Who always give us a hope.
Who always loyal.
Who always there for Liverpool FC, no matter what.

Because he and some of us already feel the worst than this.

Stay strong @stevengerrard
Stay strong @liverpoolfc
Stay strong for other LFC’s player.

This is only a little rain.
And we are always here to support you and criticize you, but never say as easy as they say to bounce you.

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Love’s Labor Lost

I don’t normally do this kind of post but this topic certainly earned it.

Today I was reminded of why it so important to know absolutely everything about the human body, because one mistake can literally kill a person.

This isn’t news to anyone we all knew what we were signing in for, but it doesn’t really sink in until you see it. One decision is all it takes.

This didn’t happen in real life but the shock value, for me, remains:

A pregnant woman (36 weeks) came into the ER with classical signs of a bladder infection, she had burning pain when she urinated, protein in her urine, elevated white cell count as well as bacteria and a slightly elevated BP. The ER resident gave her antibiotics and he sent her home.

15 minutes later, she was seizing. She had eclampsia and he’d missed it.

They monitored the baby, the baby was doing great, no distress; so the doctor and an OB attending decide to induce labor.

Everything was going according to plan, the OB resident on call did an ultrasound and everything was fine.

The baby went in distress, by this time the mother was ready to push so they tried a vaginal delivery. They called OB but they were busy, the doctor was on his own.

She wasn’t progressing, so the doctor tried using forceps, the baby’s head was out but his shoulders were stuck, he tried 2 maneuvers (don’t remember the names) and it didn’t work.

He knew he had to get the baby out fast or he was going to have brain damage, so they decided to push the baby back in and do an emergency c-section.

to be painfully honest, he wasn’t sure he was doing it right, it had been a while since he’d performed an emergency c-section; but he was trying to save the baby’s life and they didn’t have time to wait for OB. He got the baby out and managed to get his heart beating again.

Once he got the baby out, the mother started bleeding in her uterus, the placenta had separated from the uterus. The mother went into DIC and eventually died.

in under 24 hours a seemingly healthy pregnant woman had died and her son was intubated in the NICU.

What went wrong? How did something so common as childbirth snowball into death?

The doctor had called for help, he acted in a timely manner and he tried everything he knew how to do, so why does it feel like it’s his fault?

Because he missed something.

This is why we study, why we spend hours upon hours glued to books, why we give up our free time for years. Because at the end of the day, people will put their life in your hands, and you don’t want to be the one to end it.

if you want here’s the link for the episode, watch it yourself and think: What would I have done? What went wrong?

Disclaimer: I’m a medical student at the moment and this happened in a TV show, I don’t know how realistic it is (the case I mean) but it still shocked me.

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